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October 2016

Sauce Katsu Don (Fukui style) and Oroshi Soba

Sauce Katsu Don (Fukui style) and Oroshi Soba

This dish is pretty well known all over Japan and 3 of its prefectures: Gunma, Nagano and Fukui all has their own signature way of making this great dish. In this blog post I'll be talking about specifically the Fukui style sauce Katsu don. So what is sauce katsu don? Well, to know about that you first have to know what a katsu don is. A katsu don is basically deep fried pork cutlet over rice. Usually they like to use a thick cut of pork sirloin to make the cutlet and then batter it and covering it with panko bread crumbs before deep frying it. Now sauce katsu don is basically the same thing but the deep fried pork cutlet itself is dipped in a sweet sauce (the sauce varies depending on the region you're eating it). In the Fukui style sauce katsudon, they have 3 slices of katsu (2 pieces of pork thigh meat cutlet and 1 piece of pork sirloin cutlet). Since the pork cutlets are thinly sliced, the meat stays juicy and tender but also maintain the crispiness from the deep-frying.

Oroshi soba is another really famous dish in Fukui. It is basically cold soba noodles with grated radish and katsuo as toppings. Unlike the normal type of soba where you have a sauce dish and you're suppose to take some noodles and dip it in, here you pour the sauce right in to the soba noodle dish itself and eat it. At the end you can pour the remaining juice in the soba plate to the sobayu (the water they boiled the soba in) and drink it.

  • Important: Some restaurants might have sobayu provided and some not.


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