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Ankake Spaghetti

Ankake Spaghetti

Ankake Spaghetti is a well-known comfort food of Nagoya. If you go to one of these restaurants during lunch time you will find it filled up with salarymen. This dish is very affordable and filling and good for those who is on a budget but also want to try something to eat in the local food scene.

The ankake spaghetti is a Japanese take on the Italian classic of spaghetti. You have many choices of toppings you can choose from and then they will cover your spaghetti and toppings with a ankake sauce which is savoury and a little peppery. I'd suggest adding egg and cheese on it because it adds a different dimension and texture to it

Ankake Spaghetti at a shop called Ankake Taro near Sakae, Nagoya.  I ordered the Milanese style with egg and cheese as toppings.

Ankake Spaghetti at a shop called Ankake Taro near Sakae, Nagoya. I ordered the Milanese style with egg and cheese as toppings.

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Before I talk about Karamen, can you take the heat? Are you a spicy food lover like me? If you are then this is a great dish for you! If you're not, they have a level system so doesn't matter if you can take a little heat to nothing at all they cater to everyone's taste. So what is this Karamen? If you directly transliterate the word, "Kara" means spicy and "men" means noodles. This isn't just an ordinary bowl of spicy noodles but a special one since you can choose the spiciness from level 0 all the way 25. Along with the hot and spicy soup they use eggs, garlic and green onions to enhance the flavour. The egg is put into the soup with the egg drop style so it helps out a little bit to bring down the spice level. The noodles which they use isn't just some Chinese ramen noodles where you can find anywhere in Japan but a special konyaku like noodles. This type of noodle gives you that soft crunchiness which balances well with the hot and spicy broth. The garlic and green onions are soft from being simmered in that amazing broth which enhances their flavour. If you like noodles and find yourself traveling to this region of Japan then I would really recommend trying this dish! Of course you might find it in other parts of Japan but eating it where it originates from is a whole different kind of experience!


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I have been to Miyazaki prefecture before but the last time around I didn't really eat lot. In order to make up for it I tried to eat more this trip to share some new local specialty dishes I've found. In this blog post I will be talking about a dish called the "hiyajiru", which basically means cold soup if you transliterated it directly from Japanese to English. The dish is separated into a bowl of cold soup and a bowl of hot steaming white rice. The cold soup is made from white sesame paste, miso paste, tofu and green onions. It was my first time ever trying the dish and didn't know what to expect but the waitress there was really helpful and she taught me how to eat it. The way you're suppose to eat is to pour some of the cold soup over the rice and eat it. The taste is a little bit sweet and salty with a very deep sesame flavour to it. If you're not allergic to sesame then I would recommednd trying this dish because those who like it will love it! There are many restaurants around Miyazaki city which serves this dish and the procedure of making the soup and the ingredients might also be different. Since I only had 2 days in Miyazaki prefecture and the first day I've spent in in Nobeoka city I could only try the "hiyajiru" at one shop. If you have the time I do recommend maybe trying a few more to see which shops' "hiyajiru" suits your tastebuds more!


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